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Publish Date 14/06/2022
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Euro Train Simulator Unlocked Paid Features

Euro Train Simulator Game Introduction :

Euro Train Simulator MOD APK will bring rare opportunities for you to see and drive express trains through some of Europe’s most spectacular railways.

Introduce about Euro Train Simulator

Experience driving a railway train across Europe!

Europe is famous for rail transportation. Routes spread out across the countries, connecting cities and countryside, and became a solid trade link for the whole of Europe. Maybe that’s why people in here always seem quiet, less hasty, and relaxed than other continents in the world.

How many times have you wondered how it would feel to be on a train that crosses the city, crosses the country, or even drives these express trains yourself? Questions and feelings will all be answered through this beautiful 3D game Euro Train Simulator.

Accurate simulation capabilities

Euro Train Simulator is quite well simulated what there is in reality. Expression of European railway lines, colors, materials, magnitude, winding roads, fascinating tunnels, signs, traffic lights on the road, trains are all put into use. All are based on actual data and images, so the accuracy is indisputable.

The realism in Euro Train Simulator is even up to the point where you can witness the real surroundings. There are train stations, there are stations, crowded passengers waiting for trains, people getting on and off at stations. It is these activities that create a lot of excitement in the process of playing.

This is also a good background for all future simulations in Euro Train Simulator to be reasonable, in-depth, and attractive to players.

Game modes

Euro Train Simulator has two game modes:

  • Crafting Career: Follow the job scenario that has been set out by the game, you will be a train driver in Europe. First, you will start driving a compact train going from city to city. Your skills start to improve and gain many great bonus points from the game after each round of completion. You will be assigned to more difficult, important work such as driving a large train, super speed train, long route out, from country to country. You can then choose whichever train you want to experience, open up new trains and routes, try out all the tracks and the ultimate challenge of the job.
  • Quickplay mode: In this mode, you can choose train, route, source station, and destination. There are both weather and time of day challenges. The challenges will be more unexpected and continuous, the levels are also quite short. The most exciting point of this game mode is that we can choose all we like and freely experience the challenge.

Of the two game modes, I am a bit more impressed with Quick mode. Quick mode splits into multiple routes. After choosing the route, you will choose the Scenarios, each scenario is a different weather condition, the different times lead to different difficulties when playing. The weather can be Clear, Overcast, Fog, Rain, and Storm, with different time slots of the day such as 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00. With a combination of weather, timing, and multiple routes, you’ll have countless combo scenarios. Many situations can happen and this is the time for you to show your skillful driving skills.

Driving train experience

Euro Train Simulator offers players 10 unique types of railway trains, featured in European reality, from the Bombardier train to the intercity bullet train. On the train’s driveway, you will constantly be approached from many different angles. From the first angle, in the cockpit, usually in the early stages of each scene where the player is constantly given instructions and hints from the game, then it will go to third-person view from the front, from above, and from the back.

The whole immense beauty of the roads is all captured in the sight of players. The train driving experience in Euro Train Simulator is not just driving-different trains, but a stroll through the beautiful lands of Europe.

Euro Train Simulator also comes with gentle, lively sounds that match the actions taking place on the road, when something goes wrong or there is even the sound of the wind in large areas. The sound, once again, brings a lot of emotion to each player in each route, making the driving experience last that no one wants to end.

The railway lines available in Euro Train Simulator are very diverse, allowing you to go through many routes with all kinds of attractive landscapes. You get to see firsthand the railway link in Germany connecting Munich with Augsburg, passing through stations like Grobenzell, Olching, Mammendorf, and Merring, then maybe go by rail in Italy. This is also the only route connecting Italy and France, passing through the city of Turin, stopping at the magnificent French capital Paris. Coming to France, one can enjoy the beauty of the railway here, passing by the beautiful and breathtaking architecture from Paris (Gare de Lyon) to Milan via Lyon, Chambery, and Modane. And when coming to Spain, it is impossible to forget the beautiful roads connecting Barcelona to Madrid. Then you can continue through stops at Calatayud, Zaragoza, Lleida, Tarragona. And the last station is the beautiful Barcelona Sants.

Euro Train Simulator Game screenshot :

Euro Train Simulator(Unlocked Paid Features) Game screenshot  1

Euro Train Simulator(Unlocked Paid Features) Game screenshot  2

Euro Train Simulator(Unlocked Paid Features) Game screenshot  3

Euro Train Simulator (52.2MB)

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