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World War II Tanks Quiz

World War II Tanks Quiz Game Introduction :

Guess the tank from the photo, I\’m sure that you can do it then go ahead! In this test, tanks from the second world war will meet. There is a lot of research devoted to tank battles, and the abundance of shapes and models is impressive. Take our quiz about battle tanks of legend. Do you understand the \”tank\” issue such as the battle tanks of the legend of the world war? Let\’s check! Tanks are huge, heavy and formidable combat vehicles, often characterized by good dynamics and a kind of grace that can impress any observer. The idea of ​​the armored battle tanks of the legends of the Second World War would be incomplete if you do not see them in motion. The old adage “better to see once than hear a hundred times” is also true for armored vehicles. Only by looking at tanks in the world war, with what ease and speed modern multi-ton tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) overcome rough terrain, one can assess their combat potential and understand why the military in different countries, despite the development of science and technology, is in no hurry and abandon armored vehicles in the 21st century. The tank of the Second World War, which are presented in our quiz, will delight all lovers of military history. You have to identify the name of the tank from the picture and collect a word from the letters, if you don’t know the name, hints will help you use them.

Of no less interest is the tank of the world war of historical models of armored vehicles. The first \”steps\” of tracked armored vehicles on still black-and-white documentary footage and demonstration races of samples preserved or restored by museums and enthusiasts will not leave indifferent true connoisseurs of armored vehicles. But this is far from always possible, therefore, the tanks collected in our game allow you to get to know tanks and other combat vehicles of the military world tank better without leaving your home.

World War II tank quiz dedicated to tanks, allows you to learn more about world war tanks is an overview in photographs of a variety of tank models. Our quiz provides an opportunity to carefully consider the latest domestic and foreign military equipment and \”old workhorses\” that are in the ranks of the armies of various states and understand how real the battle of tanks was. Fans of military reconstruction will like world wars tank, technical work on the restoration of military equipment from the Second World War.

A variety of photographs by which you need to determine the name of the tank, the tank battle of the Second World War collected in the test, will give answers to many questions that a lover of military history may have in the process of getting to know armored vehicles. You will learn how to look at the armor of the \”Tiger\”, see how American tanks look, evaluate the tank-building experiments of the Brazilian Automobile Corporation, see Russian tanks, Chinese. We invite you to take our short test right now on the knowledge of military vehicles of that period of the world war tank.

World War II Tanks Quiz Game screenshot :

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World War II Tanks Quiz (33.7MB)

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