Name Fairy embroidery sword edge record
Category Casual
Size 766.3MB
Popularity 2439
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 18/11/2021
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Fairy embroidery sword edge record

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game Introduction :

========== Game features ==========

Pure single-player games, to meet a lot of special working environment without network players

Various schools can freely join the Wudang school, Shushan school, Xuanzhen School, Shenjifu, Lingfugong, Five poison School, Tang Gate, Quanzhen School, Emei school and so on

Fairy embroidery sword edge record is a traditional pattern of war chess game, for a lot of players like the fast pace of beginning there will be some don\’t adapt to, but I want you to slow down in the fast food game world, cultivate immortality XianXia also hone their patience, everyone is equal in the game, no charge can unbeatable player, cultivate immortality or a player in the game a little accumulation and experience of ascension, There\’s no money here to get you promoted.

This is a slow pace game, now are fast food games, online games era, a day not to play an hour not on the difference between a large number of people, work is already very tired why should be burdened by games become a burden? So I decided this game permanent stand-alone, every day to play a play to amuse themselves, do not play will not have a burden.

The game is not suitable for used a key to a key pathfinding, customs clearance, use money to solve the players, the game world is very large, need to explore, as long as you spend to study, choose a favorite branches and direction you can eventually it reaches heaven, hitting a hell and pure stand-alone game you will have developed a lot of play.

At the beginning of the game players will be asked to choose their gender, personality, your choice will affect the development of the game, please choose carefully.

========== Update frequency ==========

According to the number of game players and everybody feedback, as well as my personal time, or if more people, more feedback, I will make time to improve the updating of the game, even if is a person, I will respect your Suggestions and comments, if you are the player with a lot of ideas, if you are a hope that the game is more and more good players, can join a group chat, This is a chance for you to communicate directly with the author of the game, and the author will take your advice and opinions, which no other game can give you.

========== Game features ==========

[Collection system] Minerals and wood can be found on the map at any time, and they will grow for some time after they are collected.

[Treasure Chest Unlock] Retro way of unlocking, players need to prepare a crowbar and find a good Angle to open the lock.

[Marriage system] You can get married with your favorite NPC in the game. After marriage, your partner can help you practice, martial arts, skills, etc.

[Hang up system] Busy friends don\’t have time to play? Inns, schools, workshops around the offline hang – up function.

[friend system] Part of the martial arts secret, magic weapon depends on you have a good relationship with the right person, the opposite sex role can also get married.

[Sect system] Every sect has positions as small as the master of Disciple Dadao. Your identity will change because of your behavior.

[Survival system] Your age, hunger, thirst will always change, if you go to the north, but also by the cold intrusion, wear more clothes!

[Life system] There are many games about hunting, painting, calligraphy, fishing and other aspects of the game to improve their life skills and access to resources

[Training system] Each kungfu has its own level of proficiency, and will activate higher effects after upgrading.

【 Adventure system 】 fate is doomed, the secret book of Martial arts, the weapon of god depends on your chance in the world can not be determined when will emerge.

[Good and evil system] Good and evil are not divided, two kinds of life and two kinds of fate can freely choose, good and evil will affect the development of the game and can worship the school.

[Weather system] There are special weather phenomena in different regions, such as rain or snow. Different weather will have different adventure experiences, and different weather will also affect the development of the plot.

[Time system] There are day and night in the game, different enemies will become strong and weak according to the time, NPC activities will also appear according to the time.

[Mount system] The map is too big, in addition to the capture of horses, after all, the theme is immortal, royal sword flight is of course to have.

【 Light power System 】 There are some cliffs in the world that you will encounter, and the stronger the light power, the more you can fly it.

[Set system] When collecting a full set of equipment, you can play unexpected hidden attributes and hidden ability improvement.

Talent System: Each faction has its own unique talent path, and can change the effect of skills through talent according to their preferences.

[Flaw System] Combat is not a brainless move. It can not only dodge and defend the opponent, but also use the breakthrough and flaw to defeat the enemy. There are different damage bonuses for sneak attack and side attack.

[Combo system] Want to Megizhen eight square by a single martial arts is not enough, a variety of martial arts can be carried out between the combo to improve the power, play more effects.

[Fashion System] NPCS can change their appearance by grabbing good-looking costumes from themselves.

[Restraint System] No martial arts are absolutely invincible and can be restrained by each other. For example, one Yang finger is the bane of Toad skill.

[Secret system] Many unique martial arts may be hidden somewhere or recorded in a book volume, if found can learn the above martial arts.

[Tomb raiding system] players can find that in the world to get a lot of treasure maps, some of the tomb, tomb raiding can get rich treasures.

[Partner system] How can you get less help from friends when you travel in rivers and lakes? After a certain degree of relationship with people, you can invite each other to join your team.

[Enhancement system] All equipment can be strengthened with their own ore collection to improve the quality of equipment.

[Mosaic System] Gemstones obtained in quests or replicas can be mounted on their own equipment or weapons, improving the attributes of items.

[copy system] Greedy Wolf hole, Tiger Mountain, emperor mound and Qionghua Palace and other extremely rare things, not only need to show the strength of the copy of the player, but also need to start the wisdom to remove the mechanism.

[Crafting system] Players can create their favorite equipment and give their equipment a name.

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game screenshot :

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game screenshot  1

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game screenshot  2

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game screenshot  3

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game screenshot  4

Fairy embroidery sword edge record Game screenshot  5

Fairy embroidery sword edge record (766.3MB)


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