Name Godsend: Expedition
Category Adventure
Size 1.2GB
Popularity 6055
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 01/09/2021
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Godsend: Expedition

Godsend: Expedition Game Introduction :

\”This used to be a land full of vitality and magic, where the treasures of the gods are buried, but there are also unknown dangers…\” This is an ancient story. Long, long ago, the goddess of life created everything in the world. After the goddess disappeared, the remaining gems maintained the laws of the world. The Thunder Lord, who yearns for chaos, wants to smash gems and rule the entire continent of God\’s Domain. He created chaos everywhere in the mainland, and then sneaked into the ruins, trying to destroy the rough stone left by the goddess. At this time, the remaining will of the goddess awakened again and sealed the Thunder Lord in the original stone. For the next thousand years, people lived a happy and peaceful life. However, this is just appearance. In the hidden underground, treasures are constantly being discovered. Heroes from all over the country quickly gathered to beat demons, defeat opponents, and search for treasures, and now they finally came to the treasures. and many more? ! who are they? Something is glowing! Don\’t want to take away our gems! [Epic Adventure of Legend of Heroes] Unique faction skills, rich three-dimensional partner images, and exciting hero stories; from the forest and green fields, Heze Sangtian and then to the majestic temple, fight side by side all the way; gather your team and call your heroes partner! Look for the lost fragments of the original stone and start an adventure full of magical experience! [Strategic gameplay, endless fun] Five camps, special urban construction, and explore the mysterious world; a variety of character hero partners, hundreds of individual skills; combined with random Roguelike gameplay, let you experience the endless fun of strategic battles! [Various ways of playing and easy placement] Save time and effort, place revenue; ruins of the underground palace, expedition adventure; Liver Emperor and casual players both, whether it is on-hook resources or treasure exploration, you can participate in the activity when you go online, even if it is fragmented time Enjoy the fun of the game anytime, anywhere! [Enriched social interactions, enter the secret realm together] Hundreds of birds compete, fierce competition, and various tribal system gameplay; challenge powerful BOSS, drive away wandering cute beasts, choose any difficulty; form a guild and start a legendary adventure! Push away the clouds, explore the secret realm, and find the endless treasure in the deepest place!

Godsend: Expedition Game screenshot :

Godsend: Expedition (Test service) Game screenshot  1

Godsend: Expedition (Test service) Game screenshot  2

Godsend: Expedition (Test service) Game screenshot  3

Godsend: Expedition (Test service) Game screenshot  4

Godsend: Expedition (Test service) Game screenshot  5

Godsend: Expedition (Test service) Game screenshot  6

Godsend: Expedition (1.2GB)


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