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Publish Date 29/07/2022
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123\\Tune+ Game Introduction :

123ignition of the Netherlands has become a reputable name in the world of electronic ignition-systems for classic cars. The units are carefully designed with respect for the originality of the classic car. All 123ignition distributors resemble their mechanical counterparts. The outside looks \’original\’, the inside is \’high-tech\’ and performs its task without any wear.

With this application, you can wirelessly enter ANY advance-curve and ANY vacuum-curve into the new \”123\\Tune+\” range of products. These units work CW ánd CCW, work on 6 Volt ánd on 12 Volt, and they\’re all equipped with a vacuum- / boost- sensor. You can activate a luxury rev. – limiter (random spark stealing) and you can \’immobilise\’ the ignition with a PIN-code, to prevent theft.

Now, with the engine running, your phone or tablet can be used to \’TUNE\’……one can see the engine-speed, the generated advance, the time, the temperature of the distributor, battery-voltage, spark-energy, vacuum/boost, and…(provided your device is equipped with a GPS-module) the speed of the car.

After activating the \’TUNE\’-button, you can adjust the advance manually plus or minus 5 degrees in steps of a degree (crankshaft that is). This result will not be stored in memory though, but can come in very handy finding the optimum advance-curve for your car!

123\\Tune+ distributors will be available to fit : Alfa, Austin, BMW, Citroen ( 2CV, DS and Traction ), Ford-Kent, Fiat, Jaguar, Lancia, Mercedes, MG, Midget, Mini, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Triumph, Volvo and Volkswagen. See our website for more details on the supported models.

123\\Tune+ Game screenshot :

123\\Tune+ Game screenshot  1

123\\Tune+ Game screenshot  2

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