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Publish Date 12/05/2022
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Hormona – Hormone tracker

Hormona – Hormone tracker Game Introduction :

Hormona is built for women who want to truly understand their hormones, how they fluctuate and how they will impact their day to day life. Hormona empowers you to understand and take charge of your hormones.

With our tools you can turn your symptoms into solutions and live in harmony with your hormones.

Receive daily insights about what is happening in your body on a hormonal level and how that in turn will impact your mental and physical wellbeing alongside tips on how to optimise your life around your hormones.

With Hormona you get personalised cycle predictions you can trust and actionable tips on how to keep your hormones balanced both throughout your cycle and life. Each day we give you recommendations on how to optimize nutrition, sleep and physical activities and more for optimum hormonal health.

Whether you are just curious about your hormones and want to learn more or struggling with irregular periods, infertility or menopause we’ve got your back and can help guide you.

Use the Hormona app to track and monitor hormonal symptoms and connect them to different times of your cycle for better understanding and personalised predictions.

In addition you can also share and learn from other women in our community and in turn be part of improving someone else’s experience with their hormonal wellness.

Hormona – Hormone tracker Game screenshot :

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Hormona – Hormone tracker (80.2MB)

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